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1. Needs to be connected a power bank to work, it will stop heating after power failure.

2. This is a intelligence pants and clothes for you, built-in portable source storge pocket, easy travel.

3. Machine washable

4. Comfortable and breathable, and it’s a good partner for your winter going out.

5. Pain relief

Can improve the body’s microcirculation, dredge and activate the meridians, eliminate local pain and inflammation.

6. Body warming and blood circulation

Warms the human body, consumes excess heat, increases blood oxygen and fluidity.

7. Infrared heating with no harmful radiation and stable performance is safe and reliable, environmentally friendly, energy saving, soft and comfortable.




 Cotton + Polyester



Optional Size

 Male: S-5XL, Female: S-4XL

Power Supply Interface


Power Supply

 5V/2A Portable SourceNot Included


 Keep warm, Anti water splashing and Prevent cold

Lasting time

 Depending on the setting And battery capacity

3 Temperature Adjustment

Manual adjustment

 Warm: 50 ℃/122℉

 Comfort: 40 ℃/104℉

 Energy Saving: 30 ℃/86℉


1. Power bank is not included in the product.

2. The cable is waterproof, can be washed.

3. People who are sensitivity to heat applications (diabetics,circulatory problems)

should not wear the battery heated clothes. Please consult your physician before using.

4. Always connect it to the power bank when heating.

5. Do not use electricity for wet clothes. Please turn off the power and stop using in the rain.

6. Do not connect directly to the power charger, please use the mobile charging connection as a power supply.


How To Use:

1.Take out USB plug

2.Plug in removable charger

3.Switch on the removable charger

4.Press the temperature control switch for two second

5.Red light flashing,means heating automatic

6.Manual adjustment has three level heating temperature

7.Press the temperature control switch for two second, lights out and stop heating


Package Included:

1 X

 Heating Pants


1 X

 Long sleeve clothes



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